Evelyne Bütler – Your coach

Having worked for many years in the HR department of a multinational company, I have acquired sound expertise in recruiting. As I continue to work in the corporate world, changes and innovations in Human Resources are continuously incorporated in to my coachings.

The foundation of my counselling is to show respect for fellow human beings in their life situations. My approach is based on empathic questions, active listening and reflection.

It is my aim to support you on the way to regain your ability to act. As soon as you are capable of taking responsibility for your life and dealing with your pattern of thoughts, you open up the path to a healthy self-confidence.

Professional Qualifications

Early on, I felt the desire to work in an advisory role. The vocation of accompanying people has been reinforced by my work in the Human Resources department and my counselling training.

Further details about my career can be found on my Linkedin profile.



  • 2018
    CAS Counselling in Practice, ZHAW Zurich University of Applied Sciences

  • 2013
    HR Specialist with Federal Diploma, GET, Zug

  • 2006
    Marketing Assistant, GET, Zug


  • 2009
    English language diploma (CAE)

  • 1999
    Commercial Employee with Federal Diploma

Coaching Methods


Resource-oriented coaching focuses on existing skills, strengths and positive experiences. Any resources you have used as successful problem-solving strategies in the past can be re-activated in the present to achieve your goals.

  • Strengthening of self-confidence
  • Decision making
  • Stress management


The solution-oriented approach enables you to take the focus away from the problem to be able to come up with your own creative solutions. Questioning techniques activate inner search processes to find creative possibilities for new perspectives.

  • Perspective from other viewpoints
  • Networked thinking and acting
  • Explore what worked well

Mental Strength

During the coaching you will learn aspects of mental training, which will give you the opportunity to shape your path through conscious thinking, desire and acting.

  • Power of thoughts and their effect on our body
  • Mental focus on objectives

It is important to have goals in life and to pursue them, because the really interesting things happen on the way.

Thomas Moos