Life Coaching

Do you feel ready to look at and resolve your obstacles or blockages?

Coaching Objectives

Life coaching supports you in reflecting your personal concerns and recognising its needs:

Success through action

By regaining the ability to act and find new solution strategies you take responsibility for your life such as:

  • You learn to develop your own personality and integrate identified insights into your life.
  • You set goals, pursue them persistently and finally achieve them.
  • You learn to recognize, express and change your behavioural patterns and beliefs.
  • You learn to deal with your inner voices, as they often lead to difficulties in the decision-making process.

Coaching Procedure and Costs

Preliminary Talk

Free of charge and non-binding telephone conversation to establish an initial contact and evaluate a possible collaboration in terms of desired coaching objective, procedure and costs involved.

Initial Consultations

The initial consultation includes a comprehensive overview of your personal situation and a definition of the coaching objectives (average duration of a session is approx. 1.5 to 2 hours).

Coaching Session

The session starts with a short review and the definition of today’s objective (average duration of a session is approx. 1.5 hours). You are asked to prepare yourself for the next consultation by making observations.

Hourly rate: CHF 130.00 (including preparation and follow-up)
Please note the general terms and conditions.

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